29 things about me… (Jus lyk dat…)

1) I like numbers 3,9,29.

2)I am obsessed with my Birthday.

3)I have some zillion crushes.

4)I believe in someone very easily. ( Lessons of life taught me not to..I am trying to)

5)I love Hide and Seek and Coffee Bite.

6)My mom is my best friend. She is awesome….

7)The balloon which was bought the day I was born is still there with air in it.

8)I am a chatterbox. At times I can be very silent too.

9)I was in love.

10)And I am in love with my life.

11)I love book marks. I don’t use them while reading books. I just collect them.

12)I love to surprise people.

13)I love my teachers. My Grandfather is(was) my best teacher.

14)I am a clean freak.

15)I love Winnie The pooh and Magic Pot.

16)I love writing to people. I store all the cards and letters written to me.

17)I dance every minute. I dance to my Music.

18)I am crazy about photographs.

19)I make myself believe in myself.

20)I love to read anything new. (Thats why I cant read one book at a time).

21)Kids are my world. Their innocent smile is what makes me happy.

22)I hate to iron clothes. (My room mate is too sweet. She does that for me)

23)I love Curd rice.(Perugannam in Telugu)

24)I COOK well.

25)I am addicted to surfing the net.

26)I keep in touch with people.

27)I am very bad at hand art.

28)I love rain…and to have Ice cream in rain or Corn with Five Star Chocolate.

29)Oops..i have more to say… I don’t need to always stand on my word.

30)I love listening to music.

31)I try to understand people a lot. (Sometimes fails too).

32)I am liking the Dungeon(Moot room) of our college.

33)Oh I do law.

34)I believe in Karma.

35)I opt not to go out without my phone.

36)The person who loves me more than I love myself is my Annaya(My brother).

37)I miss home.

38)I love Blue & Black.

39)I wish I did psychology. (May be I should think of that!)

40)I hate to recharge my phone.

41)Oh how did I miss this….I loovvveeeee Pani Puri. (My friends know how crazy I am)

42)I hate window shopping.(Wish I could buy all of them)

43)I love Tantra T-shirts.

44)I love to scream all of a sudden.(My room mate hates it)

45)Ok the list is too long but…will write 49!

46)I love to go on my bike alone.

47)I watch lot of movies.(LOT defined under my mom’s law)

48)People say I am fun to be with.. “Thank you”

49)I give flowers to people.

Good..if you had enough patience to read all of them. I enjoyed listing things out small little things…..Not a mistake if it was boring to you…..!!!

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  • Reply
    March 16, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    nag…ur creativity z very nize..gr8 desc abt u…!!!

  • Reply
    March 18, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    hi…i really appreciate the fact that you have spoken your heart to the fullest extent possible…it takes lot of nerve to speak the truth about one’s character…i like you for this…

  • Reply
    March 18, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Hahaha…well she is my sis…The most lovely girl and most adventurous girl i have ever seen….Thats good u mentioned a lot..think you forgot to mention that u love watches dear…

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