82 days of Namma Bengalooru..!!!

82.. My research says is a HAPPY NUMBER… Wondering why? Check this out.
Honestly I wanted to start this blog on a happy note and did a random research on 82 and I found this..!! Aw its interesting.

As confessed in more than one blog before, its my sheer laziness that hinders me from scribbling on my blog world. But these days, I see myself having more than one reason to write. Shhh…!!! The code word is “Project Platinum “.

Coming to the 82 days of life here in Namma Bengalooru..!!! SO FAR SO GOOD… Do I sound dull… Oh no! I am sooper happy with my life here… Independent, interesting and INCOME(ing)….

I realised living alone is one of the most important things to learn in life. I am not trying to show I am depressed. I am certainly not. 🙂 Seriously in today’s world when we feel bored we pick up the phone and call someone or go online. But to live without having to depend on someone else is the YO feeling I say!! Now I feel glad that I can do it. (THIS IS THE INDEPENDENT PART)

Before I talk about the INTERESTING part I got to speak about the INCOME(ing) part… Yeah that is my first job and the income is coming… It was ofcourse the finest feeling to have had the first pay cheque in hand and the excitement to buy stuff for all your near and dear ones. But its just work and weekends..!!! The day I joined work is all the more important as my friends put it as it is America’s independence day! Watte connection sirji! This new episode of my life is just too good atleast for now with its own negative and positive sides… All I can say is a work place is the best place to test your personality resilience. Win it and LEARN TO BE YOURSELF!


These are some tiny-miny things I figured out…. I might have known most of them before but NOW THEY STAY IN MY HEAD..!!!

1) You have to wake up early ( Much earlier than to class)
2) You cant go to work without a bath like you can go to a class :-p
3) Avoid autos and cabs. Try walking or taking the bus. (Its late but cheap)
4) Cooking- Is the best relaxation. You will learn self appraisal :-)Lot can be made beyond Maggi.
5) It pays to keep the bai (maid) happy. So praise her when she does good work for you.
6)When you swipe your debit card, you can feel the pain in your bank balance.
7)You got to pay your BILLS which all come in first one week.
8) Switch off the lights and fans if you are not in the room. ( Poor my mom and dad! How many times they told me.. Only when it comes to me, it struck me).
9) RETAIL THERAPY… OMG! Dangerous. Avoid malls unless there is a sale. ( Please note I never mentioned NEED)
10) Watching movies alone is fun. Couples around you might think you are dis-owned by everyone. Bear with it.!!! Why should couples have all the fun!
11)Buy stuff in wholesale. They are cheap.
12)POST PAID connection is a luxury.!

All said and done…..
The best part? Definitely the feeling — and ability — to just take off any Friday night, sometimes partying, sometimes travelling over the weekend to my BIG HOME to see mom and dad, sometimes crashing at my cousin’s place, hosting friends, lazing at home etc..

A sense of living a complete everyday….. MAKES MY NEW LIFE CHEERFUL in my new HOME and a new place with a new job and new people around.

-Signing off

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