A day with dry shampoo!

Spring is here!!! March has been the lazy month in blogging. No excuses! In the lazy month, I thought of a new category for my blog where I will be writing reviews on various products I use and love. May it be beauty products, kitchen stuff or home living 🙂 I know there are thousands of other blogs which do the same. Still this is what I think 🙂

Here you go with my first one! Starts with a product, I started using recently and instantly fell in love with it for my hair solution. Dove Dry Shampoo.


I heard of dry shampoo, a couple of years ago in a beauty salon in India but never really tried it. Recently, I was screening through the aisles for a shampoo in a local departmental store and found this one in the rack. It just caught my attention, may be because of the price too. I could really buy it to just give it a try. Dry shampoo simply soaks the natural oil giving a dry natural look to the hair.

Though it was lying in the bathroom for a long time, I never again used it. However, I had a dance event a couple of days ago and did not have time to wash my hair. Thats when I decided to try out the Dove Dry Shampoo. It just worked wonders for me. It took me exact 2 minutes to apply and in no time my oily hair looked dry, fresh and voluminous. The product, when applied did not leave any white residue on the scalp. I have relatively thin hair and my hair looked  and felt voluminous when I used it. *Magic* Also, the product comes with a refreshing light scent, so hair smells good 🙂 This lasted more than 12 hours for me. Even after that, the texture of the hair did not change at all.


How to use: The product comes in a spray bottle, which is easy to handle and use. You have just spray the dry shampoo into the layers of the scalp and work it in for 30 seconds. Brush your hair and then its all set!

Price: Its easy on the pocket ($3.5) in the US but is expensive in India (Rs 950 on Amazon). I had to use very little, but not sure how long one bottle will last. Its 5oz bottle.

I would totally recommend this product as a saviour for a oily hair on busy days, but would not personally use dry shampoo as a routine.

-Signing off

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    Olivia H
    December 16, 2022 at 10:08 pm

    Great blogg you have

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