A letter to my Daughter – 2

My dear Shloka,

Happy First Birthday my love! Last time I wrote something like this to you, I was eagerly waiting to hold you in my arms for the very first time. Oh my! A year has passed since that beautiful rainy day and I wish I could freeze the moment I felt you on my heart (chest) as I was lying on that surgery table. I felt a whirlwind of emotions when someone in the room declared “oh there she is”. Oh Wait! Let me repeat for myself.. I am “Amma” to the beautiful “Shloka”! Your appa and I announced the name in the surgery room and I knew that your name would be my mantra of happiness, hope, reason and joy for years to come. I want you to remember that you were welcomed to the world not just by your amma and appa but also by your grandparents who travelled across seas just to be with you on this day. And I was lucky to have my amma right by my side at the very moment I became “Amma”.

Initially, it may have been overwhelming at times to be a mother, but it was pure joy to be your amma and just lay next to you, watch you breathe in your sleep and wait for the time to feed you again and smell you close to me. Every time I see you, I told myself, “it was all worth it”. Many a times, I secretly did a happy dance (literally) that you are mine.

In the last one year, everyday seemed to be so long but surprisingly the year went by very fast. Everyday was eventful with you doing something new, learning something new, saying something new or showing us something new. You love(d) to rest on your amma’s chest,listen to your appa’s whistle, our songs, play with ammama’s glasses, bond with Baahu, look at some books, have some me time, try new foods, eat with your tiny fingers, crawl in the most unique way ( we called it the Veera Hanuman pose) and a lot more. As each day passed, it was magical to see glimmers of your very own strong personality traits coming through. You are a calm, careful, uncomplicated, music loving, people loving person. I remember that first time you smiled at me when I was struggling to get the right position to nurse you. My world turned hundred times brighter. From then, bringing those laughs and giggles on your sweet little face has become my priority. You rocked your new born stage like a boss. And for the record, we never had a sleepless night because of you. You have always been very understanding dear. Thank you!

Throughtout the year, it was never about you reaching the set milestones, it was about the excitement and perseverance you have shown in reaching each one of them and we celebrated everyday. Celebrating “ONE”derful Shloka was truly something I will cherish forever. We celebrated it at our new home with our beloved ones physically and virtually present.

There is so much you have taught me and you are teaching me every single day. I am learning patience, chanelling my energy for the right reasons, taking care of my physical and mental health, understanding what simple joys mean, setting my priorities and of course that reading “Brown Bear Brown Bear..” book is fun when read 10 times at a stretch.

Lastly, a part of your first year in 2020 (and part of the second one too) was heck of a year. I mean really! You are growing up in a world which is facing a pandemic. This is the first one to you and me (hoping the last one too). We weren’t able to take you closer to the nature, travel the world (not even India), let you meet new friends, be carefree as much as we would have loved to. But you and many babies like you around the world are just being your awesome-selves and spreading joys with your contagious smiles and innocence. We promise you that this will end and we will take you into a safer world soon.

I am with you as I continue to see the world through your eyes and walk into your tactical twos!


P.S: Sending this letter to you before we end this year (though I wanted it to be sent on your first birthday).

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