A letter to my daughter

My Dear Baby LakshWin,

I can’t wait for the moment I meet you and hold you in my arms. Like any first time mother, I have myriad of things going on in my brain on how I would do and be as a mother. But I know I will learn it with every new day and be at my best with it. But I wanted you to know that you are very precious to us and we will do everything in our power and capacity like any other parent to let you experience the best as you start your journey of ‘Life’. It is that experience which will teach you everything you need to live a better life tomorrow. As your mom and more importantly as a human being who entered the world before you and as a woman, I want to share somethings that I hope will help you find your own path. Remember, this is not a rule book, my girl! This is just my endevour to teach you what I learnt while I encourage you to make your own mistakes.

Family & Home

You have a lovely family (including friends like family) waiting for you and you should forever be grateful for it. Don’t take them for granted and remember it’s always good to be interdependent with the family! Love and affection are precious and priceless.

Having a fur friend (a sibling) waiting for you at home will be the most beautiful thing you will experience in your life. Baahu, your big brother helped me discover a new side of me that I wasn’t aware of myself and I can’t wait to see you both bond and melt our hearts.

We practice religion and embrace a rich culture at home and respect what it teaches. Your grandparents introduced it to us when we were young and we practice it in a way that works and makes sense for us. I am looking forward to introduce you to our culture and see how you embrace it with respect.


Your priority (in addition to ours) should be to stay healthy and happy. You should know that “being healthy” implies being healthy physically and mentally. Being Beautiful comes in different shapes and sizes and thats the beauty of it. I know we will discuss more about this and I promise to be concious of using the right words and expressions in all our conversations related to health and beauty.

Being a dancer’s daughter, you have no pressure of being a dancer. For that matter, you have no pressure of being anything we may wish. Remember we have no right to want you to be something. We can only wish for it and show you the path that could motivate you to find your calling.

Accept that you can’t do and deal with everything on your own. Don’t hesitate to seek help. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. At the same time be ready to lend a helping hand to someone in need.

I learned it the hard way and still working on it. Do not seek validation from someone else for everything you do or think. That makes you feel vulnerable. Trust yourself and be ready to accept and own your mistakes.

Peek-a-boo into the World

The society is filled with stereotypes. I don’t want to list them for you (a stereotype in itself). You figure it out and fight it out when it bothers you. But if bothers, be the change you wish to be.

Times are certainly changing. You will soon find that women have been fighting for equality for a really long time now. I was fortunate to be brought up in a home that respects and treats men and women equally and so will you. But try not to play the girl card ever. Ask for (fight for) what’s due only because you deserve it or you have a right on it. We are not weak.

Money! That is the elephant in the room. Men and women work hard to earn it, sometimes unfortunately through incorrect means. I am hoping you would find a perfect love-hate relationship with it. It’s surely something you need but you should know that money without the brain or purpose is dangerous. Let money be the resource to achieve your goal but not the ultimate goal in itself.

Dream, Work & Achieve

You don’t always need to have one goal throughout your life. But make sure to work towards some goal (even a changing one) at every stage. You have no pressure to succeed but do not lose the passion to learn and pursue till you succeed.

Don’t go with a set formula for success. What works for others may not certainly work for you. But be all ears to success and failure stories. Self learning leads to creative minds.

Be grounded with your every acheivement and stay true to your values, instincts and most importantly to your heart.

Before I sign off, I have to thank you for coming to break the barrier I have had into motherhood, for giving me a new found strength to be stronger woman. I am looking froward to learn a lot more in life with you and for you. Rest assured, I am not waiting for a mini me but excited to me a strong, compassionate, passionate YOU!

-Your Amma

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