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Deux jours à Paris – 2 Days in Paris

PARIS – There is a strong reason why it is one of the most visited cities in the world. It has something to offer for everyone. An art lover can spend days and weeks museum hopping and see the work of the most influential renaissance and gothic artists in the history. You can also spend the same time visiting the numerous monuments appreciating the wonderful architecture. If you are travelling with family and don’t fancy a visit to the US, they…

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How are you my friend?

Not something I usually write about! But sometimes bothering thoughts are better written than stationed inside! It (yes! I dint know it was a she) was just a name on my favorite hand bag and a pretty wallet! I never read or followed his work apart from hearing his name may be twice in my life (Remember “The Big Short“). But the shocking news of suicide of these two celebrities who I have no connection with totally upset me and…

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