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Coincidentally my first post in “The Other U” category is of a dancer!!And, I am dancing with happiness that I could bring my blog post in this category.

Introducing DIVYA TEWARI BAJPAI a.k.a DIVZ, the dancing diva…

My first encounter with Divya was when I saw her in a flash mob video on FB. I couldn’t miss the vibrant dancer in the group.. She captures the audience with her untiring energy and super flexible moves in presenting a graceful dance… Earthy and petite with a pleasant smile on her face, Divya manages to convince that anyone can dance!

Her “Happy-go-lucky” character leaves me floating on a Happy Cloud.

Oh! You cannot miss the superb dancing tattoo on this Diva’s hand!!!


Indian Danseuse!

Consultant by profession and dancer by passion, Divya maintains perfect balance between her passion and profession.

Ready to work, Happy to Dance!

So here you go!!! Talk bits with Divz!

How and when did your dance journey start and how has it been going?  

I started dancing at the age of 3. I don’t remember the exact year when I started learning Kathak, but it was around the same time. Initially I was told that I was too young to write Kathak exams, nonetheless I started learning. I completed Visharad (graduation) in Kathak when I was in class 10. While I was learning Kathak, I also learnt a few other folk dance forms in school like Garba, Gidda, Lavani to name a few. Later when I moved to Hyderabad I joined SDIPA (Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing arts) where I learnt Contemporary and Jazz styles of dancing. I was with Shiamak’s dance group for about 3 years. When I later moved to US, I found about Zumba and I instantly fell in love with the fitness + dance concept and became a certified Zumba instructor. Most recently, I finished level 1 of salsa learning as well. Apart from the professional trainings, I have also self-taught various forms as I try to come with innovative choreography.

(Ok now! I lost the count of the dance forms you know.. Kudos to you gal!)

I clearly know that you cannot be doing just a 9 to 5 job in life, but would you be interested to do just dancing.. In other words, will you give up your profession for passion?

I don’t think I will. Dance is not equal to money for me. Therefore, I will still keep my profession because I believe one needs money to survive. Having said that, I will never stop pursuing dance. I might take up teaching dance as an ‘on the side’ vocation but for now I intend to keep my job. Thats “The Other Me” 🙂

How ambitious are you?

Not so ambitious that I shroud my happiness. I try to squeeze in all that I love into my profession and passion but when it crosses mine or my family’s happiness I take a step back. I strive to be a happy person and everything else should (hopefully) fall in place.

Heard about passion, profession.. how does family and relation fit into all this… (I believe this balance too is important)

I have been blessed with an extremely supportive family as a child, exceptionally understanding husband and very encouraging family post marriage as well. They make it seem so easy, and that has helped me juggle all these aspects of me without any issues so far *knock on wood*… 

(Truly girl… readers… Three cheers to the family and of course one and only Mr. Anuj Bajpai)

Divya I also know you as a good cook (trust me good cook is not just who cooks daily) and ofcourse a girl with great fashion sense… you wanna talk about that too?

Hehehe, I am not sure about the “good cook” part, but I do enjoy experimenting (not so frequently though). So the truth is, my husband is a foodie and I enjoy cooking for him. I enjoying hosting people and if someone calls and says I’m coming over even with short notice of 15 minutes I would love to cook up a dish. It gives me great satisfaction (as I am sure for any cook) when I see people relish my food, that keeps me motivated to keep trying new recipes. 

As for fashion I think it matters little as to what I wear. The attitude that one carries defines their personality. And I would like to believe ‘happy’ and ‘confident’ are the words of fashion advice from me. Be comfortable in your skin and you’ll feel as gorgeous as Marlyn Monroe. 

And readers, do check out her page on FB and trust me, she will make you dance too!!!


-Signing off

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    May 30, 2014 at 7:49 am

    Thanku so much…. Humbled!!!

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    May 30, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Diva you are superb, and I think many should learn how to balance profession, house and extra curricular activities.

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