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This is the closest I have come to the fashion world 🙂  Never realized that the girl I casually met outside my apartment complex in Hyderabad, would appear in a famous city magazine. That’s when I came to know that the gorgeous doctor I met, is a fashion & lifestyle blogger.

Meet “That Delhi Girl”, Pallavi Ruhail, blogger, doctor and a happy wife. She is totally the epitome of the all around excellence and balance. While I started following her blog, I slowly started admiring the way she has been handling every aspect of profession and passion.


Here are our talk-bits with Dr. Fashionista!

Pallavi, which facet of your world you would like to talk about first?

May be all… So by degree I am a doctor and a Masters in Public Health from BITS Pilani, I have been working as an epidemiologist for almost two years now. I got married during my last semester at BITS and we moved to Hyderabad as my husband got his job here. All this while I always had a thing for fashion and i’d always keep reading magazines, blogs or browse through stuff online.

How did That Delhi girl start blogging? Also, congratulations on reaching the 10K mark on twitter and Insta!

Thank you 🙂 Next is to make it 20K 😀

The blog just happened, never really planned on it. I used to post random outfit posts on Instagram and people started requesting me to start a blog. So I did finally got my own blog around June 2013 but would post intermittently. It’s only around January last year I decided to take it more seriously and started to blog more frequently. But I’d still like to call myself a newbie, it’s been just a year that I have been blogging sincerely and I still have a lot to learn and do !

I have been following the buzz on #TDGmag! Can you tell me more about it?

So, as I mentioned, am fond of reading lot of stuff online but that would mean browsing through ten different websites at least to keep myself updated about fashion, lifestyle, travel, celebrity buzz and more. At times it’s fun but with busy schedule and hectic work life, it’s tad difficult to check so many websites everyday. And there are people like me who really want to keep track of almost everything. What if you get it all on one digital platform, a common portal serving all areas of interest with the right amount of relevance. That’s what TDG Magazine is all about. It’s an online Fashion, Lifestyle, Grooming, Travel and Entertainment magazine for both men and women. It was a random idea that came up around a month ago during one of those ‘intelligent conversations’ i keep having with my husband during evening walks and here we are now ! It went live on 3rd Feb. and we have been getting good response *touchwood* so far. We are great team of talented and enthusiastic people and are generating 3-4 posts on a daily basis on varied topics:)

I read in one of your interviews about your plans to study further! On that note…?

I do ! Maybe a phD or MBA, but technically I don’t even have two years of work experience! haha. Moreover, I just started with the Magazine (which again wasn’t something I planned on, just like the blog). So I want to focus on the Magazine as this baby needs a lot of attention, let’s see how things fall in place for me.

How is That Delhi Girl feeling at Hyderabad?

Missing Delhi & wants to move back ! haha

Many of your followers on social media are curious to know how you get so many brand collaborations. Do you mind talking about it without revealing your USP?

Digital marketing is pretty much big these days so the brands are always on a lookout for people who are a good fit to get on board for various media campaigns. I have never approached any brand myself to be honest, I have a separate blog email id which I have mentioned in my bio. everywhere (on my twitter/insta/FB) and a contact me section on the blog. That’s where I get emails regarding brand collorations and tie-ups :).

My USP, not really sure. Probably it’s that people can relate to me, behind all those fancy outfits and six inch heels, at the end of the day I am still just a regular person and I try my best to keep it like that.

What were your best moments being a blogger till date?

I think I keep having my best moments everyday as a blogger. When people post all those positive comments and feedback about what I do, the emails I get about girls telling me how they feel inspired, or bumping into your followers even when you’re vacationing abroad, and the brands I get to work with, everything 🙂

So, whats cooking in the Ruhail’s kitchen..

Probably some Khasta Kachori this weekend, been long since I made that 🙂 I am a foodie but never cooked until i got married. My mom’s an amazing cook, not because she’s my mom, but she actually is, picked a lot of things from her while growing up. So yes, I am a foodie and just want to ensure that I can cook good food for myself and family and under those ‘cant find my fav. dish anywhere in this city’ situations, which happens a lot in Hyderabad! Plus I want my kids to brag about how their mom’s a good cook you know 🙂

While I call it a secret, I am curious to know how you handle everything in life? (You work, cook, super active on social media, blog etc).

I don’t know, it’s just crazy and especially with the magazine, it is crazier. There are days when am pulling all nighters and my house is one big mess or i don’t feel like cooking or my health takes a toll. So I do have some misadventures on and off but I try my best to push myself as much as I can. Plus, my husband’s a big big big support. He clicks for the blog, he’s currently helping me manage lot of things on the magazine front too, then there are days he even helps me cleaning up the mess at home haha! So we are a good team supporting each other’s aspirations 🙂

Well, wish you all the best for everything you take up Pallavi and wish you and your #TDGMag team all the success.

-Signing off

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