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Its been over 9 months in Seattle now and may not be an exaggeration to say that there was hardly any weekend that went by without an event! Seattle is truly a happening place!!!!

On one rainy afternoon of April, Ananya, invited me to a closed group event and I am so glad, I accepted the invite. Meeting new people is always a pleasure and this time it was a very unique opportunity to be in the company of very talented women from different walks of life at the Glameve’s Soiree. The event was held exactly a month ago on a rainy afternoon on May 14 (its still fresh in my mind) and was hosted by Puja Sharma and Ananya Kiran. Puja Sharma, an engineer by the day is the owner of Glameve and Ananya Kiran is the owner of Ananya Tales, a well known fashion blog in the Seattle area.

Photo 5-13-16, 11 18 49 PM

Glameve – The Haute Couture Shop is a Seattle based fashion clothing store catering to the customised clothing desires of its clients at affordable prices. The collection always keeps up with the newest trends of the time. The event was organised as a meet and greet event. Every guest truly had a red carpet welcome, for everyone was made to feel like a star. The beautiful hosts, Puja and Ananya welcomed the guests with a warm hug and I bet we could not stop admiring the custom made clothes they were wearing. Puja looked elegant and comfortable in her crop top skirt and Ananya looked stunning in her saree. Both the outfits are customised designs from Glameve.

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Not being a fashion blogger myself, it was a new experience to be amidst fashion bloggers and people from the fashion industry who admire fashion in their own unique ways. The guest list had bloggers, make up artists, photographers, super awesome moms, dancers, singers, entrepreneurs etc. Isn’t that one helluva of women power at one place 🙂

Photo 5-13-16, 11 50 35 PM.jpeg

Inspiring people, amazing hosts, motivating stories, curious introductions, inquisitive conversations, genuine compliments, beautiful display of couture, endless pictures, tasty wine & cheese, yum cakes, spicy food, sweet memories, lasting connections and generous goodie bags…sums up the event in short.


It was surely a well spent Saturday afternoon and looking forward to many more events like this. Oh! did I mention that I love the beautiful sea-blue tunic from Glameve’s summer collection that I got in my goodie bag along with some special discount for my next shopping at Glameve 🙂

If you would like to be a part of this wonderful group, you can get in touch with Puja or Ananya! See you next time 🙂

Photo courtesy: Amber’s Moments Photography & Pou Nutthanan

-Signing off

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