Happy Fathers Day

“Behind every independent woman, is an open-minded father, who trusted her and not the society”

Like I said in one of my earlier posts, though I don’t do anything absolutely special on these days, I some how I like the idea of a dedicated day to special relations in our lives. Almost 10 years ago, i jotted down these words for my dad and i feel these words still resonate the feelings I share today for my dad.

So posting it on this very special day for him, my NANNA (thats what i call him 🙂 

Love inspires learning naturally… Then the mind reaches the heart’s goals!

Your love.. made me to be what I am today…
Your trust in me…the pride you take in my success…
Are my ever driving forces to achieve anything in life!
Your love can never be measured….I can treasure it forever….

The quiet sleep in your arms
The friendly walk with you
The serious talks with you…

Happy Boy and Angry Man…Is what you are!
Whatever it is…
If you are the Bestest Dad….I am the luckiest daughter!!!

The first Man in my life….you make me feel special in all beautiful ways….
Beyond Now and Forever….
Love you NANNA…!!!!
May you have many more healthy years ahead!!! 

Happy Fathers’ day to all the amazing fathers out there! 

-Signing off

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