How are you my friend?

Not something I usually write about! But sometimes bothering thoughts are better written than stationed inside!

It (yes! I dint know it was a she) was just a name on my favorite hand bag and a pretty wallet! I never read or followed his work apart from hearing his name may be twice in my life (Remember “The Big Short“). But the shocking news of suicide of these two celebrities who I have no connection with totally upset me and had an unusual effect on me. 

It could have been that coffee shop lady who gives a pleasant smile every morning, or someone I know or I talk to everyday or no day! What is going on my friend? How are you doing? (Mean it when you ask.. may be we get a different answer than “good thanks.. how are you” or “nothing much”)! You and I may not be a Messiah who can help the entire world but we can help the little world around us! But how? That is what we are going to figure out together!

But before that!

Suicide – this was little more than a legal discussion in my criminal law lecture many years ago! I first heard about it at quite an early stage of life, when two of my friends from school ended their lives at a very young age for reasons unknown and shocked the hell out of me! To be honest, that could have been a stupid emotion that a teenager would have thought about for a fraction of second for some silly reason. Gosh! It was scary and it brings me chills even now! Was it a joke then?! (Should never be!) Suicide, I thought was only a thoughtless action of someone who did not have the courage to live a life and a selfish action of someone who did not care for their family! My thoughts and understanding surely evolved since then!

As one of my friends said, Suicide, contrary to the general notion is not a cowardly act. It requires great amount of strength and courage to end ones own life. Not to mention the discomfort and struggle to make that decision. I cannot disagree! If a positive leap of faith in life takes so much courage, I wonder what it would take to take this big step in their life to end the life! Irony of life!

The examples of the two celebrities who ended their lives probably had all the worldly things (money, fame, name etc) an average human being works for (or should I say crave for) in their entire life> They probably chased their dreams and passions (creative designer and celebrity chef.. say more?!), probably made good friends and lived with a great family! “Perfect Life” defined! But what is it that made it to this most unimaginable situation?! Probably you, me and no one would know! Couple of years ago, when Deepika Padukone was in news for opening up to the public about her mental health battle, I wondered how a successful leading lady be depressed and had to take help and counselling to overcome it! All these instances show that behind a beautiful smile and a happy face could be a heavy heart and an empty stomach!

I am neither a therapist nor an clinical expert in dealing with people or their emotions. But you and me are experts of leading a happy life, at least the way we see it. May be we can do few little things that have 1% probability of changing someones thoughts and may be LIFE! It is a big deal isn’t it? So here is my little list of kindness, I would like to practice in life! (Please add to the list to spread kindness)

  1. Smile often to greet people (that could brighten up their day)
  2. Call people by their name sometimes if you know it! (Hello X.. care to know them)
  3. Text/call a friend who you haven’t talked to in a long time!
  4. It is okay for people to call you just when they need help (in any kind). If you can’t help, listen to them!
  5. When we use the word “depressed”, “anxiety” lets mean it to maintain the sanctity and importance of the word.
  6. When you hear the word “depressed”, don’t just leave it. Pursue it or help them pursue help!
  7. Let us educate ourselves on mental health. (Not just when it is in news but later on)
  8. If we cannot appreciate the enormity and seriousness of the issue, then keep quiet. Don’t just under estimate it!
  9. Practice self care and self love!
  10. Ask for help when you need (so that people can seek yours when they need). If you can help, you must!

The world and its great minds worked so hard for years to increase life expectancy of the human being by improving ways to combat deadly physical health conditions. Let us now do something to not lose it for mental health!

Here is a link to The Live Love Laugh Foundation to start your education on mental health right away! (Not sponsored)

Take care my friend!

-Signing off

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