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I told you, October is my favorite month! This time it is even more exciting as I have the most awaited trip coming up in 10 days! More details soon!

Travel is always fun but the preparation gets tiring only because I want to make sure I have everything I need when I go to a new place!  I have had my fair share of “Oh God! I forgot to get that!” moments and I want to avoid that during my trip this time!My husband is a great itinerary planner for our trips and provides me with an excel sheet (yes! you heard it right) with our day to day plans. I use that to plan pretty much everything like what to wear, carry etc. I am not a very minimal traveler but surely don’t carry a cargo with me! So, here I am putting together my travel essentials as I pack for my trip!

First things first

Needless to say that passport and other important documentation are the first things to pack! Then comes my caffeine saviors. Yes! I cannot survive  without my dose of caffeine in the morning through coffee or tea to have a pleasant rest of the day. Since I am very picky with my coffee and tea, I have had many days I could not find my perfect caffeine moment early in the day and suffered a bad headache by mid day. But now, I found solution to my problem. Now I get to have my Chai Moments when I am travelling with the perfect morning tea. All I need is just hot water and my Tea India Instant Chai. These instant Chais come in four flavors. They are easy to use and carry!

Beauty Bag

I use very light make up everyday and I make sure to follow the same while on travel too. I hardly carry any full sized stuff (except for the dry shampoo) so all my make up can simply go into the cabin baggage. To help speed up the dreaded security check, I consolidate any liquids in a clear plastic bag before leaving home.

Packing list: Tooth brush, tooth paste, Face wash, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, moisturizer, hair bands and clips, comb, Mac Studio Fix powder plus foundation, eye liner, mascara, lip stick and nail file.

Electronic essentials

Every trip, I ask myself if I could be free from my electronic stuff. But lets face it, I cannot. But surely something I want to try.

Packing list: Universal adapter, phone bank (20,000mAh), airpods (my newest obsession), USB chords for charging phone, camera with memory chord, selfie stick,  camera battery charger and Fitbit charger.

In-flight essentials 

Honestly, I sleep for most part of my flight so my primary essentials would be something that would let me have a good sleep. I don’t do much reading when I am on a vacation. But just in case carrying a light weight and light reading book I grabbed recently. If nothing works, I have my audible 🙂 These stuff usually goes in my back pack.

Packing list: Eye mask, socks, ear plugs, chap stick, water bottle (to keep myself hydrated),


There are always some little things, I want to have handy along with an extra pair of clothes. I usually take one extra pair of footwear along with the one I wear. Packing cubes, travel laundry bags are my must haves to pack the check in luggage.

Now that my essential packing list is ready, I feel almost ready to take off. Let me know what are your packing essentials and where you are headed next?

-Signing off

((I have been provided with complementary products from Tea India for review. I have been using Tea India for a while now and all opinions provided are my own)

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    Sruthi Mamaduru
    October 19, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Nice Post as always.. Very cute passport holder ..Btwn where are you flying to 🙂
    Bon voyage

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