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Celebrating my newest form of LOVE

Valentine’s day never meant much to me in its traditional sense. But if it is a day to celebrate any form of LOVE, I got to celebrate my newest form. The one I share with my daughter dearest. Afterall I met her after quite a journey. The sense of pride to be a mom (AMMA) is as unique as the bond every mother shares with her child. I know love at first sight. But, she was my love before first…

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A letter to my daughter

My Dear Baby LakshWin, I can’t wait for the moment I meet you and hold you in my arms. Like any first time mother, I have myriad of things going on in my brain on how I would do and be as a mother. But I know I will learn it with every new day and be at my best with it. But I wanted you to know that you are very precious to us and we will do everything…

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