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Kuchipudi dancer

My Dancing Musing

Hello again! Like many times before, I am back after a long break! When I was struggling for a topic I could write about, one of my Instagram friends suggested that I write about something that is close to my heart. I liked the idea. (Thanks Surekha). So, here I am with my thoughts on “Dancing,” a natural part of me and something I haven’t talked about much on this blog. “Amma, I want to learn that dance.” was apparently…

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Purna Mudra

The Dancing Doctor

Art is a medicine. Theories have evolved and practice has proven that various art forms like dance and music are used in curing various health issues. Practice of medicine is divine for its obvious and divine ability to cure. When your profession and passion can have the power of healing lives, it surely is the most blessed feeling! Meet the Dancing Doctor, Dr. Yamini Saripalli, a passionate Kuchipudi dancer who is professionally a dermatologist. She lives in the DC area (USA). I…

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The Other U
The Dancing Lawyer