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Six Things To Do This Summer In Seattle

Hello Summer! It is no more of Sleepless in Seattle but Summer in Seattle!!! I bet, many of us in Seattle are waiting to soak up in the sun after drenching in the rain for over 6 months now. Well, well I agree we had a disappointing spring with continuing rains and lower temperatures, but lets hope for a good and bright summer (in the defense, we had a good summer last year!). And as we get set for the…

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Dosa is almost everyone’s favourite!!!! When many of us make dosa batter at home, we make huge quantity that we end up making dosa for more than 3 days and sometimes a week. That was the scene at home when I was growing up and thats when my mom would make these cute little dosa muffins (:-p) and we just gulped it. Its quite famous in many parts of South India and is called by various names. Gunta Ponganalu or Punugulu or Paniyaram. Whatever the…

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