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For the love of HOME & GAME

The love for the home town never fades away, no matter how far you go! Its as eternal as the love of a mother. People often ask me what’s your hometown and I say “Anantapur”. The spiritually inclined recognise it as a place close to Puttaprthy (if they know this place) and the movie buffs recognise it as the place from the movie “Rakta Charitra”. Well! we are not just that! There are lot of amazing things happening in this small town in…

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The Happy Runner!

People generally ask me why I don’t think of leaving law and pursuing dance full time. I surely know that such a decision needs Guts. On that note, this story got instantly connected to me. This is a story of a transition. A transition from a running around smart corporate lawyer to a full-time happy runner! It’s almost considered a cliché that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. She believes that the first step towards a healthy body…

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The Other U
The Dancing Lawyer