Ten Home Remedies To Help During Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different and everyone who goes through this always seems to have learned or discovered something new during this enriching journey. Many new moms, seasoned moms, and grandmoms shared much of their knowledge and experiences with me during my journey. I was certainly receptive to the knowledge, but only used and followed what felt right to me and my body. Hoping you would do the same. Since it is advised not to use much medication, I looked for home remedies to ease discomforts which are kind of inevitable during most pregnancies. I am sharing those here in case this could help you too.

This is no substitute to any medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions.

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This sums up my first trimester. Good sleep with some soothing music on (I used sleep hypnosis videos) and a quick hot shower helped me feel better. You could tie a fresh eucalyptus string (available in the market) to the shower knob for the aroma or just sprinkle few drops of essential oil on the shower room floor. This will also help you feel better from any body pains.

This is a nightmare and I wonder what it could be during the pandemic times! But it is what it is! This is when your body needs a lot of rest. A concoction of grated ginger, basil, mint, and pepper powder mixed in warm water (like tea) helped me a lot to feel better in general. Also, inhaling steam directly from a pot of boiled water worked wonders to clear the mucus caused by severe cold. For more effectiveness, add few drops of eucalyptus oil while inhaling. Lastly, a spoon of honey and turmeric helps reducing cough.

Even a slight increase in temperature during pregnancy causes extreme fatigue. Along with taking a lot of rest, consuming Rava Ganji (made with sooji) is very helpful to lower the temperature. It is super easy to make. Roast 2 tbsp Semolina with desi ghee and keep it aside. Boil 2 cups of water and add the semolina when the water is boiling. Keep stirring so that no lumps are formed. Once cooked add milk and jaggery and consume it hot.

I had severe headaches throughout my first and second trimester. I am a morning coffee addict but wanted to reduce caffeine especially during my first trimester and that led to severe headaches. Drinking lot of water and applying peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil to the temples and giving a little self massage helped me to fall asleep and reduce the pain.

Feet swelling is very common during pregnancy due to the excessive fluids in the body. This causes great discomfort at times, not to mention the difficulty in wearing footwear 🙂 The most recommended home remedy for this is to drink Barley water. Drinking barley water leads to frequent urination so that the extra water gets out of the body. I know this sounds counter-intuitive but works great. Keeping the feet at an elevated level (above the heart) helps too.

You got to blame the iron in your prenatal vitamins if not for the pressure on the womb! Constipation at any time is uncomfortable and in pregnancy even more. Adding foods with more fiber in your diet and drinking warm water with little Desi ghee just before sleeping helps to ease your tummy.

I am proud of my tiger marks (a.k.a stretch marks). Not really sure if there is a magic to totally avoid it but applying coconut oil (or may be this) twice a day to the tummy can absolutely help in avoiding any itchiness.

Well, I was one lucky girl who dint have morning sickness. But some of my friends who had this mentioned that having some ginger tea or anything made of Indian gooseberry (Amla) has helped them. Couple of times when I thoguht i felt nauseous, I just got some fresh air sipping some water and it helped me.

Lastly, every pregnant woman goes through that anxious moment when you suddenly don’t feel your baby movement. Been there done that!!! There are many things I heard in this regard. This is not really a home remedy but apparently eating something sweet awakens the baby 🙂 For me sitting quietly with my favorite music and focusing on her instantly used to send the message inside and knock knock… The kick happened! Fun fact: every time I was shopping for her I felt the kick :-p

I hope these little home remedies/tricks will help you or someone you know.

-Signing off

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