To the one with a Mother’s Heart

Motherhood is not about womanhood. It is about the mother like nurturing heart. My tribute all such hearts around us.

To the little one who cradles her doll.
To the big brother who thought his little sister was his daughter.
To the sister who took the responsibility of her family.
To the father who is breaking all stereotypes.
To the one who sees child in every plant.
To the nature who nurtures life of every human.
To the human who is a pet mom.
To the teacher who teaches life lessons.
To the nurse who heals.
To the aunt who loves her nieces and nephews.
To the heart that feeds the hunger.
To the woman who is waiting to bear a child.
To the mom to be who is bearing a child in her womb.
To the mom to be who bears a child in her heart born in another womb.
To the woman that bears a child in her Womb to grow another family!
To the mom who co-parents with a mom.
To the soldier who raised and lost a soldier. 
To the working mom who cannot do it all.
To the stay at home mom who is giving it all.
To the filmy ma.
To the chillax mom.
To your mother who is inspiring with her story.
To my mother who is the epitome of love for me.
To me, who is blessed to be AMMA!

This Mother’s Day, think of everyone who has a heart of a MOM and all that heart needs is LOVE, CARE, COMPASSION AND STRENGTH!

-Signing off

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