“We Rose” – A year of pandemic

They said it was a virus, so deadly that lives went on counting in minus.

Then came the lock down, with no creature walking in the town!

We stayed at the blessing of our home, but the mind always wanted to roam!

We called it new normal, but it was all too haze to journal.

We masked up and the smiles behind cannot wait to come out of that lock up!

We frantically sanitized or may be it was just romanticized.

Humans became anxious, but like never before they became conscious.

Stores were flocked and pantries were stocked.

Businesses locked, livelihoods shocked.

Lives literally went virtual…. oh Zooming was almost a ritual!

We discovered the gift of time and re-discovered people who are mine and prime!

Deep down passions and hobbies came alive as if they were waiting for the moment to revive.

Missed(ing) families miles away, as the dream to meet them never swayed away.

Days, weeks, months and now a year passed. A ray of hope with vaccination has dawned.

Grateful for all the frontline heroes because of who every day “We Rose”

We are almost there! Let’s hang on with our prayer🙏🏼

-Signing off

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