What’s up long weekend?

The Labor Day (long) weekend is here to cap off the summer and before the “Back to School” mode is switched on. For me, long weekends are as much stressful as they are fun. Its of course fun, because its a LOOONG weekend but its gets stressful planning the weekend. Uff! This long weekend we decided to stay home and just do a day trip on Sunday.  Whether this long weekend means leaving home and camping with friends and family or just a relaxed weekend at home with family, playing some fun games is a surely a great way to spend time and have some family bonding!


I enjoy card games and board games, especially those which can be played in big groups. While I have been looking for some new additions to our collection at home, I received 4 card games from Grandpa Beck’s to try them. Since my mom is visiting us from India and we had a cousin visit us over the last weekend, we tried out these new games and it was a great fun.



Well, now I can say I play Golf (:-p) This card game is my favourite of the four. Just like in (real)golf, the objective is to get the lowest score in the two ways the game suggests. Its fun, interactive and involves strategy. We played in a group of 5 and it was real intense. If you are in a mood of some serious game time, this will be your favourite in no time!



Cover Your Assets

Now, this is one ambitious game, I must say 🙂 The objective of the game is to achieve a total of one million dollars in assets. The cards show jewels, bank accounts, stocks, auto etc, everything you see in real life as assets. The game is to cover Your Assets in your stack by adding pairs to the top, or use your cards make a play to steal the assets of others. Its a fun and easy play and can end pretty faster too. This seems to be a great way to engage kids (gotta try when I have someone home).



Skull King 

Ok! Long game alert! Well its just 30 minutes though. Probably one of the challenging and interesting games of the four. My husband’s favourite. It took me unbelievably long time to understand the game (may be I still don’t have a hang of it). The goal is to bid the number of tricks for each round and ultimately the highest card on the table wins the trick. Your scheming and skulking skills will come to a great use 🙂


Nuts about Mutts 

This is one sweet and easy game with cute little puppy faces on the cards. Just like most of the traditional games, the objective is to finish off the cards with the player. A card is played by matching the color, number or dog character on the card. I am sure this is a great game with the kids and perfect keep them engaged. Can’t wait for my nephew to grow old enough to play this (#nephewlove)!!!


Overall, we enjoyed trying these new games. Grandpa Beck’s has a game for almost every age group. Though the instructions seem to be pretty long at times and takes a while to get a hang of the game, once you know, you will love them. Isn’t that with almost every game?! The cards are sturdy enough to last for a long time. All the four games come in a perfect sized box which is easy to carry anywhere you go!

If you are looking for some family gaming this weekend and for many more, I would recommend trying these. You can find these games on Amazon. Tell me whats your favourite?

Enjoy your loooonggg weekend 🙂

-Signing off

Thank you Grandpa Beck for providing me copies of the games for me to review. 

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